5 Necessary Things For Halloween Horror Nights 2018

Universal Studios’ Halloween Horror Nights is a heart-pounding event that draws thrill-seekers from all over the globe. This year, with the announcement of Stranger Things and more attractions than ever before, the buzz is going to reach a fever-pitch when the annual tribute to horror infects Universal Studios parks all over the globe in September.

Sometimes, lost in the excitement of attending Halloween Horror Nights, terror-aficionados might overlook a solid game plan to maximize one’s investment over just winging it. Sure, winging it can be fun, but some preparation should go into your adventure. Sometimes, a little planning and research can make the difference between making some bad choices, which can negatively impact your vacation!

1. Rest

Heading to Halloween Horror Nights 2018 while tired or beat up from a few days at the parks is a really bad move. If you’re going to hit the parks during the day, make sure you set some time aside for a mid-day siesta. While at HHN 2018, you’re going to be doing more walking and standing and walking and standing then you have probably done in your entire life in a similar time period. It doesn’t sound like much, but it is.

2. Comfortable Shoes

Don’t thank me now. If you are planning on checking out all the Halloween Horror Nights 2018 haunted houses, make sure to care for your feet. You will do a lot of standing and even more walking. Universal Studios Orlando is basically a loop. However, during Halloween Horror Nights, the park is expanded and you’ll be surprised how far you have to walk from one horror attraction to the next. It’s even a good idea to purchase a padded insole to further cushion your feet. Remember, it’s pricy to attend HHN 2018 and you want to enjoy as much of your time there as pain-free as possible.

3. Avoid Bad Food

Theme park food isn’t generally known as being the best fare on Earth. That being said, most parks have solid food options. Universal Studios is no different. During your several hour trek across the park, you may be tempted by certain options, but do your research first. Whatever you do . . . stay far away from Richter’s Burger Company. It is terrible. Seriously.

4. Plan of Attack

No journey should start without a plan. If you think about it, most people who die in horror films do stupid things without thinking about them first. Learn from their example! Dig deep into many of the online resources and HHN guides dedicated to providing information on Halloween Horror Nights 2018 and choreograph your projected path across the park. Take a look at what HHN is offering and pick your ‘must-see’ events. Make sure you hit those first because the lines can really get crazy. If you don’t have the Express Pass (see below), it’s even more important to plan out attacking your ‘can’t miss’ attractions.

5. Express Pass

The Halloween Horror Nights 2018 Express Pass is a must unless you’re a huge fan of terrifyingly-long lines and wait times. It’s an added expense, sure, but your feet and peace of mind will thank you later. Heck, for this year’s HHN journey, I’m considering buying a new pair of running or cross training shoes. There are very few worse things than being at a theme park with sore feet.

What are some necessary things to prepare for Universal Studios Halloween Horror Nights? Let us know in the comments below or email trendmasher@trendmasher.com and we’ll add them in.

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