5 Signs Of Being A Power Drunk Political Facebook Group Admin

With over a billion active accounts, Facebook caters to pretty much everyone. If you want to explore and interest or hobby on Facebook, chances are you will find other like-minded individuals. While Facebook has been an overwhelmingly positive force in connecting people, many political groups have become a fiefdom for power drunk political Facebook group admins.

Before we get into some of the characteristics of would be tin cup digital dictators, a bit of advice. If you’re considering leaving a political group, do not do it with a stand alone rage quit post. The only force in the universe that can unite the disparate political views in a political group is someone calling attention to themselves and crapping on the group. If you’re going to do it, either fade away silently or wait for the right time and hammer the power drunk admin within the comments of an already existing thread.

1. Threatening to ban people

Facebook: Threat Exchange

Making threats is the poorest method of communication possible. When you threaten someone they become defensive. Eventually, that defense will turn to offense. When Facebook group admins take it upon themselves to threaten people for following the rules the admin enforces to everyone but his or her gaggle of slack-jawed sycophants, the bubbling cauldron will eventually boil over. What usually happens is that a group member blows up and tells the power drunk admin how bizarre their power trip is, most of the time in colorful language. Now, the Facebook group admin feels righteous in banning the person over the rule violation and the admin’s lemmings guffaw with mirthless joy. In a sense, it’s a form of digital entrapment.

2. Being a jerk

Jerk: it doesn’t have to be this way power drunk admin

We all have bad days. When you take your bottomless pit of rage into the Facebook group you admin, you’re just disseminating little bits of it to everyone else. It does not seem that the desired ‘discharge’ of rage actually works. Instead of venting, you have other people constantly reminding you of how insecure and petty you are, that a negative feedback loop is created. When the loop is fully functional, being a jerk is automatic. If you’re a power drunk Facebook group admin, you should stay away when you’re feeling off. If you don’t, it will only get worse. If you’re a boozing on top of that, well, that’s a recipe for disaster!

3. Making unreasonable demands

Facebook Admin: why so serious?

Asking for proof of an opinion is ridiculous at face-value. “Cites on that.” That’s how one power drunk Facebook admin demanded another member back up an opinion. Imagine a New England Patriots fan telling you that he thinks Tom Brady is going to take the Pats all the way next season and you demanding him to provide a citation. Ridiculous, right? Such is the case when an unreasonable person or persons seize control over a Facebook group that you enjoy.

4. Harassing former members

I’m thinking the reality is really the middle image on the bottom

I’ve heard firsthand accounts of Facebook admins becoming so enraged that they’ve taken their anger to private message after booting a person. Some of these rages have been reported as vile and pathetic. However, the power drunk Facebook admin will not believe he or she is in the wrong. The awesome responsibility of being a volunteer worker to help Mark Zuckerberg and Facebook shareholders make bank is sometimes enough to trigger bouts of intense profanity, misogyny and even veiled attacks on race and ethnicity.

5. Actually Banning People

Super Admin!

Caveat here. There are legitimate reasons to ban people. However, if you’re illogical enough to label anyone who disagrees with you a troll, you probably shouldn’t be anywhere near a Facebook Group. When you ban people in a Facebook group over differences of opinion you will create a horrific echo chamber and the people in the group who agree with you on issues will cower and submit themselves at your mighty feet. Not only have you stifled the possibility of opening your mind to other ideas, but you’ve whipped your poor group lackeys into a state of pathetic subservience.

What are some other signs of being a power drunk Facebook Group admin? Let us know in the comments below or email trendmasher@trendmasher.com and we’ll add them in.


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