5 Funniest Tweets About Paxton Lynch

Former Broncos first round draft pick QB Paxton Lynch has not had the career John Elway foresaw when he moved up in the draft to snag him. After a disastrous preseason game, irate Broncos fans did the unthinkable: they made #Paxton Lynch trend on Twitter.

Sports fans can be notoriously cruel when commenting on a player’s malfunction. It just so happens that there is sometimes humor in a social media shellacking. Sit back and enjoy the 5 funniest tweets about Paxton Lynch.

1. Prison Sentence

2. Mile High Beans

3. Self-Destruction

4. Fund This, Paxton!

5. Get Off My Train!

What other funny Paxton Lynch tweets should have made the list? Let us know in the comments below or email trendmasher@trendmasher.com and we’ll add them in.

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